Dana Simchoni – teaching vocabulary in an ESL classroom

Dana Simchoni – teaching vocabulary in an ESL classroom

Teaching English as a Second Language is not easy. There are many challenges along the way and many teaching strategies to learn. I‘ve found that by teaching vocabulary (8-10 words per lesson)  , the students can actually make progress rapidly. Dana Simchoni teaches vocabulary each lesson in order to allow her students to progress.

Dana Simchoni – The importance of teaching vocabulary in an ESL classroom

It makes great sense that my students learn vocabulary even before we read a test. By practicing the vocabulary and repeating it over and over again each less, students can actually make a progress. Each lesson Dana Simchoni exposes her students to 8-10 new words and conducts games in order to practice and allow students to remember and therefore be able to use the vocabulary in various exercises which include reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The use and repetition of vocabulary in an ESL class has a long term effect on the memory and the vocabulary learned by repetition and practice maintains in a person’s memory. By repeating the words each lesson, in time the students remembers its meaning and is able to now use it in all different communication skills reading, writing, listening and of course speaking.

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